A Blast from the Past:

Welcome (or welcome back) to our web log.  The information will be all over the place, but I hope you find it useful, or at least entertaining.

To open the Hazen Web Log v2.0 we start with a trip down memory lane - this computer room (below) is similar to the one I used as a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the mid '70s.

I used a card punch like this one (although it was never this clean) to input the data I'd collected for a camput survey.

The results came out on large wide-format pin-fed sheets of thin paper that had alternating bands of light and dark stripes




At the campus newspaper we used a paper punch tape like this to drive the phototypesetter - I can still smell the Kodak print developer.

The typesetter commands and text were hammered out on a machine very much like this one. If you made a mistake you either had to end that job (cutting the tape just after the error and started a new tape with


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